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Rubicon Associates has moved on

The founding directors of Rubicon Associates, Brian Swain and Steve Briault, have formed new consultancy
organisations in separate fields of work.

For 18 years Rubicon Associates provided organisational development consultancy services for companies throughout the UK and
internationally, led by Steve Briault and Brian Swain. The work focussed on developing individuals, groups and organisations in
their workplace, and was inspired and guided by the work and insights of W. Edwards Deming, Daniel Jones, Christian Schumacher,
Bernard Lievegoed and Rudolf Steiner to name a few. Questions on how to create healthy, meaningful and effective enterprises
both economic and social were drivers in a continuous search for new approaches involving a wide circle of associates.

As time went on these quests took the founders of Rubicon Associates into ever-wider circles of relationships and diverse projects,
and led Steve and Brian into forming their new consultancy organisations.

This website will, however, be maintained as a historical reference and as a signpost to their ongoing work.

NEW contact Details

Steve Briault

Steve is now a director of:
Landmark Consulting (www.landmarkconsulting.co.uk)

To contact Steve please click here


Brian Swain

To contact Brian please click here or call +44 (0)1342 825065

Key areas of work:

Lean Enterprise
Lean Manufacturing
Lean Service
Lean Construction - Rubicon Wigzell
Toyota Way Lean Development